With metal and electricity, rubber and pavement, hard work and an unrelenting ear for badass tone, the brave souls of Kandy Face march into the abstract everyday, instruments clutched tight in hands. On the forefront of Canadian Rock, Kandy Face has two full-length LP’s under their belt and everything is starting to fall in place. Their sound has percolated through the suburbs of Hamilton and is influenced by a lifetime of yearning for the best music compounded with a burning hatred of conformity.

Kandy Face’s style of independent rock is a fresh take on an old classic and a genuine force to be reckoned with. John Pegg, Jordan Viaene, Jesse Rose are dedicated musicians who have been jamming with each other for many years, now with the recent addition of Evan Sagar, the fellowship is complete. Lead vocals and guitarist, Pegg built a reputation in the Canadian music scene, his band Half a Halo toured the country while signed to Roadrunner Records and The Agency Group. His next band Tenth Planet had their music produced by Jeff Martin of The Tea Party and Mike Turner of Our Lady Peace. Viaene, backing vocals and bassist, is the brains of the operation. Having been educated at Metalworks Institute and Berklee College of Music, Viaene completely produced, engineered and mixed both of the band’s albums in improvised studios and released them through his label Lost Rockstar Records. Rose always wanted to be known as the drummer who hit hard and made one kick pedal sound like two. Rose is a rock ’n’ roll drummer at heart, and he feels like he was built for Kandy Face’s music. All came together when they found a new guitarist, Evan Sagar, who is influenced by a wide spectrum of genuine rock music and is one of few who is driven to take music to the very limits. Music is much more than a hobby for the members of Kandy Face, it consumes them and is the very one thing they all truly live for. The constant push, progression and recording process is continually sharpening the band’s act and there is no doubt anyone with a pulse will be bound to like what they hear.

The debut record Farewell Flamboro was done DIY and unleashed to the world on July 5, 2013. Farewell Flamboro saw critical success and radio airplay, with the music video for “Grave Place” winning awards at the Los Angeles Independent Artist Film Festival and Hamilton Music and Film Festival. Kandy Face’s follow-up album Stupid Famous was released on September 20, 2015, and is just the righteous response their rock commanded. Having always been majorly inspired by the almighty Led Zeppelin, many 90s grunge bands, like Soundgarden, Nirvana and Alice in Chains, and a few other rockers like Queens of the Stone Age, Big Wreck and Foo Fighters, Viaene wanted the production on the album to sound sonically comparable to many of these arena rock bands. The drums were recorded in a refurbished barn in Milton, ON, where Viaene had set up a makeshift on-location studio to capture the large, open and clean sounding room tone. He used several outboard preamps and over a dozen specific microphones around the drum kit and barn. The rest of the album was recorded at Kandy Face’s rehearsal studio where Viaene and Pegg had built their own soundproof control room attached to the live room for the use of tracking and mixing. The sound is one of a kind, and gives the album a sonic characteristic unlike any other. The music on Stupid Famous sounds like a stoner rock band that has sobered up, gotten a job and a girlfriend and started to take itself seriously.

Kandy Face is a band that knows what it means to work for a living. They are a band that knows what they want and they will make it happen. Through trial and error, headache and heartbreak they have found success. They have found a sound to call their own, and a sound they can justly shove down the throats of their naysayers. Kandy Face is rock ’n’ roll.

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.