Evan Sagar


From the small town of Dundas, Ontario comes a big sound in rock and roll. Since being given his first guitar at the age of 12 by his parents on the soul condition that he participate in guitar lessons, Evan Sagar has been on a relentless pursuit to take his skills as a musician to the limit and continues to reach a little further.

His weekly lessons at a local music institution were short lived but the passion for his instrument was forever building. Evan would devote his days and nights to playing anything from the smooth octave-style runs of Wes Montgomery to the legendary bone crushing riffs of Metallica which would ultimately result in the style that he brings before us today. Inspired by more than just the world of guitar, Evan learned to play the trumpet at the age of 13 and as a result became fairly inclined with music theory. With this new found knowledge he would teach himself to play the piano as well, adding one more instrument to his surprisingly eclectic bag of tricks. Honing his skills as the years passed by, he participated in a couple of local metal and rock groups which he had soon lost interest in only to lead him toward his love for jazz.

For approximately one year he studied jazz guitar with a local teacher and then enrolled into the Jazz Performance Preparatory program at Mohawk College. Shortly thereafter, unconvinced that a career in music would satisfy, he left the program upon completion of his first semester to pursue other endeavours. Evan moved on to a passion for woodworking and furniture design as he enrolled himself in the Woodworking Technology Co-op program at Conestoga College. It wasn’t until the end of his first year as a woodworking student that he was introduced to Jordan Viaene of Kandy Face through a work relationship between Jordan and Evan’s brother, Eric. Within minutes and without hesitation a meeting was arranged and in April, 2015 Evan was officially accepted as the new lead guitarist of Kandy Face.

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.