Jesse Rose


Jesse Rose is an entirely self taught drummer who was inspired by the rock god drummers of all time, significantly John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Neil Peart of Rush and Keith Moon of The Who. Jesse’s first experience playing in a group was with a punk band he had formed with friends in high school. While in this punk band, he at one point opened up for Ill Scarlett and the Cancer Bats.

Jesse met John at a house party sometime in early 2007. He started playing with John and formed a jam-rock band called Gone 4 Daze. At the time John met Jesse, he saw a very gifted drummer with high ambition that he could fully rely on to play and develop a musical relationship with.

From the time Jesse joined Gone 4 Daze and until Kandy Face was formed, his skills as a rock drummer had flourished while playing alongside Pegg and Viaene. Jesse always wanted to be known as the drummer who hit hard and made one kick pedal sound like two. Jesse’s best moments behind a kit were those that were entirely improvised as he was always express what he feels in the music though what he plays in the moment. Rose is a rock and roll drummer at heart, and he feels as if he was built for none other than Kandy Face’s music.

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.