John (Johnny) Pegg

Johnny Pegg

Born and raised in Flamborough, Ontario, John Pegg has been on a seemingly never ending quest to play and write music for a living. He taught himself to play bass at the age of 18 and joined a band within three months. From that point on he played consecutively in a number of bands, progressively getting better with his performance and his writing. One of his more notable bands, ‘Half a Halo’, was at one point signed by Roadrunner Records. They played many shows and went on two full coast to coast Canadian tours after being signed with the Agency Group under Ralph James (CEO and co-founder). The band set some pretty high bars for themselves, playing in front of thousands of people and opening up for bands such as The Tragically Hip and The Foo Fighters. The band split up about a year after releasing their first EP in 2004 and at this point John highly considered giving up music as a career. A few years later John gave it another shot. He auditioned and joined a band called Tenth Planet. Tenth Planet reached a high status in the music scene in Toronto. Their most notable album, ‘Everything is Never Over’ was produced by Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, and Mike Turner, former guitarist for Our Lady Peace. This album was their last attempt in making a move to further themselves as a band. With a lot of money spent and time devoted to the band, they eventually lost their energy and John resigned.

John had been playing and writing his own style of music throughout his music career. Never being a fan of standard tuning on the guitar and always having the mindset to do something different, John experimented with other tunings and accidentally fell into playing in Open D Major tuning. John fell in love with D major tuning, and from here on he developed his own strange, creative, yet almost wrong style on the guitar. John had invented his own techniques on the guitar that allowed for different sounds that couldn’t be achieved in standard tuning. While playing alongside Tenth Planet John started playing his own music with people he had met around Flamborough, two of them of which play currently in Kandy Face (Jesse Rose and Jordan Viaene. He and a few other friends started playing and writing music together and eventually formed their own band called Gone 4 Daze. John had played in Gone 4 Daze for nearly 4 years before forming Kandy Face.

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.