Stupid Famous

At the same time Kandy Face was playing shows after the release of their debut album “Farewell Flamboro,” Kandy Face had also begun writing for their second album. In March 2014 after fully structuring 14 songs, Jordan decided to take a new route for engineering the new record. Always being a fan of “big and thick yet still open” sounding records, Jordan wanted to produce something that was as big as he possibly could. Jordan was in search for the perfect drum room to record the drums in; something very large and open. He stumbled across an old barn through a friends’ relative in Milton Ontario. Built by Mennonites, the barn was fully reconstructed, insulated, and resurfaced with old barn-board hardwood. As Jordan entered the room for the first time and heard its tone, he knew instantly that it was the place to do the drum tracks. “The tone of the room was unexplainable,” as Jordan explains, “it was like they made the barn to do bed tracks in. The sound of a clap, or the hit of a snare drum, or the smash of a floor tom resonated through the room with the sharpest, most precise clean room tone and reverb I had ever heard.” This room would play the biggest role in giving the new album its characteristic sound.

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Jordan was eager to record demos with the limited knowledge he had already learned at Metalworks. He began recording bed tracks for the drums in Jesse’s old living room in Freelton, Ontario. Recording the bed tracks started out as a passionate desire to learn but would become the foundation of the band’s first EP. After recording the bed tracks, the band pieced each song together bit by bit. Over the course of nearly 2 years, they made it through the entire recording process, learning everything through trial and error and going through many setbacks. Halfway through the recording the album, Jordan’s Macbook was stolen which forced him to redo all of the songs; the only part that had been backed up fully onto a hard-drive were the drum tracks.

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.