Farewell Flamboro


Jordan was eager to record demos with the knowledge he had already gained during his initial time at Metalworks. He began recording bed tracks for the drums in Jesse’s old living room in Freelton, Ontario. Recording the bed tracks started out as a passionate desire to learn but would become the foundation of the band’s first EP. After recording the bed tracks, the band pieced each song together bit by bit. Over the course of nearly 2 years, they made it through the entire recording process, learning everything through trial and error and going through many setbacks. Halfway through the recording the album, Jordan’s Macbook was stolen which forced him to redo all of the songs; the only part that had been backed up fully onto a hard-drive were the drum tracks.

As Kandy Face completed “Farewell Flamboro” they rehearsed the album start to finish until their performance was up to their standard. Once ready they played shows around every city in Southern Ontario. Their first show was a CD release party in Hamilton, Ontario at the Casbah on July 5th 2013, which drew out a full house of people. Kandy Face began to astonish and amaze their listeners by their dynamic “in your face” performance and gain new fans every show. Nobody ever knew what to expect when these four somewhat normal looking band members came on to the stage. Initially dismissed as “just another local rock band”, Kandy Face delivered their sound with a passionate dynamic feeling and never failed to compel the attention of every face in the crowd. Constantly being told “you guys have a sound”, was always an indicator that they were doing things right. Their lyrics and how they meld their instruments together delivers a true authentic and original rock music feel.

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.