Stupid Famous

Stupid Famous

At the same time Kandy Face was playing shows after the release of their debut album “Farewell Flamboro,” Kandy Face had started writing for their second album. In March 2014 after fully structuring 14 songs, Jordan decided to take a new route for engineering the new record. Always being a fan of big and full sounding records, Jordan wanted to produce the album to be sonically alike. Jordan was in search for the perfect drum room to record the drums in; something very large, open and crisp. He stumbled across a barn through a friends’ relative in Milton Ontario that suited the sound he was looking for. Built by Mennonites, the barn had been fully reconstructed, insulated, and resurfaced with old barn-board hardwood. As Jordan entered the room for the first time and heard its tone, he knew right away that it was the place to do the drum tracks. The tone of the room was unlike any room or studio Jordan had ever heard. It was like the barn had been made to do bed tracks in, and it was calling his name. The sound of a clap, the crack of a snare drum, or the smash of a floor tom resonated through the room with the cleanest room tone and reverb Jordan had ever heard. The barn played the biggest role in giving the ‘Stupid Famous’ its characteristic sound.

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After converting the barn into a temporary studio and tracking for three straight days in the unforeseen cold temperatures of the March Canadian climate, Jordan had captured on 14 tracks, a drum sound bigger than he had ever imagined. After this long and gruelling yet successful recording session, they had something big to work off of.

Over the winter of 2014 Jordan and John built themselves their own soundproof control room in their rehearsal space in a loft in Flamborough for the purpose of tracking and mixing. It was here where the rest of the recording for the album was completed. Over the course of the year, Jordan finished recording the rest of the album. More differently worked than most albums, they did not have their songs fully written in advance to the bed tracks. Unlike other artists, Kandy Face finished writing the rest of the album after the bed tracks, writing the lead guitar, finalizing the bass lines and vocal melody lines. As there was no real rush to record the album, they took their time with writing the parts to be exactly what was needed on the album. The freedom of having their own studio and rehearsal space allowed them to continuously come up with ideas and record them at their own convenience.

Stupid Famous was released on September 20th 2015 with CD release show at Club Absinthe. THe album has seen critical success and radio airplay, and has left their fans in awe of what they have created DIY.  The train of music cannot stop with Kandy Face. They continue to drive their music into the ears of anyone who is still fascinated by true, original and authentic rock music.

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Rag Girl



Oh God Please



Milk Belly

No Room Left



I God Syndrome

Sad Girl

Aller Control

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Canadian four piece rock/grunge band.